Project Update: Tree Planting Process

Project Update: Tree Planting Process

Tree planting process

November - December

1. Land preparation
Our field team opened and cleared the planting areas using mechanical methods. We cleaned shrubs, grasses, and ferns using machetes.

2. Create tree planting lines
Tree planting conducted using a line method where we plant baby trees in a line plot. Each line separated by 5 meters and on the line, we spaced trees every 4 meters. The method is preferable due to its efficiency and less destructive.

3. Spray the planting area
We sprayed the planting areas with herbicide to reduce undesirable plants such as shrubs, grasses, and ferns, especially around planting lines.

4. Select baby trees
We selected healthy tree seedlings from a nursery near the planting area. There are 4 species that we choose during tree planting phase-1, which are Gonystylus bancanus, Shorea sp., Vatica sp., and Syzygium sp. Each baby tree should be healthy and at least 60 cm tall.

5. Plant baby trees
We planted about 2,500 baby trees in a 5 hectares area.

Monitoring and Maintenance

March and July

1. Monitoring
Three months after planting, we monitor the planted trees. Some planted trees are dead, especially ramin tree (Gonystylus bancanus).

Six months after planting, we conducted monitoring for planted trees. During monitoring, we observed that the planted trees have grown to about 120 cm. There are still dead trees but not as many as the first three months.

2. Maintenance
Some of the planted baby trees are dead due to several reasons. We changed the dead baby trees with new healthy baby trees. There were about 400 baby trees that we changed during the first maintenance (3 months after tree planting). We replaced dead ramin trees with meranti trees (Shorea sp.). Then, during the second maintenance, there were about 100 dead baby trees replaced by healthy baby trees.

During maintenance, we also clear the planting area from weeds, shrubs, and ferns. This is an important step to ensure robust growth and to promote optimal growing conditions for the planted trees.

Writer: Diny Hartiningtias, Soni Setia Budiawan, Hamda Khairuzanni

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